About Us

About Frankies

Frankie's Chicken & Pizza provides fresh foods, hearty portions, good service, fair prices and a multi-choice menu, which combines the most successful quick service restaurant products. All these add up to good value for money for customers and generate increased brand loyalty.


Succulent pieces of fresh chicken are marinated to give flavor right through to the bone.Frankie's Chicken Chicken & Pizza prides itself on never using processed chicken, only fresh whole pieces & fillets. They are then coated in breading made from the finest ingredients mixed with a unique blend of herbs and spices. They are then pressure fried to perfection. Pressure frying ensures as little oil as possible is absorbed into the product giving a delicious grease free product. But we haven’t just stopped there; we are constantly trying to improve our products to make them the best we can.


Frankie's Chicken & Pizza itself is also characterized by quality. Our scheme designs have been applied to create clean, spacious and comfortable restaurants, and are suited for all types of premises and existing architecture. Our theme designs provide that touch of originality, which draws customers to return time and time again. We also provide a home delivery service.


Since opening, we have established ourselves as one of the leading restaurants in Warrington. Please order and we promise you will not be disappointed.


We hope you enjoy our online ordering website and your food.